What is lyntia?

lyntia is the leading neutral operator in the wholesale telecom sector in Spain that empowers, facilitates, and protects your communications through fibre optic solutions.


What is fibre optic?

Fibre optic is an information transmission system. It is usually constituted by a set of glass filaments. It is used to carry messages in the form of beams of light which travel uninterrupted through the filaments.


Why use fibre optic for telecoms?

Fibre optic is perfect for telecom and computer networks because it is flexible and can be grouped like cables. It has many advantages over metal cables because the signals travel through it with much lower losses.

A single fibre optic can transport more than 3,000,000 full duplex voice calls or 90,000 television channels.


How many kilometres of fibre optic does lyntia have?

lyntia offers fibre optic connectivity services with wide network coverage and high capillarity: over 18,350 km of deployed fibre optic.

Furthermore, we have interconnections with France, Portugal, Frankfurt, NY, etc., as well as the major submarine cable landing stations on the Iberian Peninsula.


Is our business too small for lyntia?

Not at all. lyntia offers its tailor-made services to any company.


Does lyntia extend outside Spain?

lyntia is capable of connecting cities and countries around the world, by means using its own or external fibre-optic circuits.


How can I start doing business with lyntia?

You can contact us by email or via one of our contact forms on this website. We will then set up a meeting to get to know your business needs in more depth and detail in order to offer you the best solutions.

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