Equality, diversity and inclusion policy


1. Introduction

lyntia is aware of the importance of diversity as a key element to adapt to an ever-changing environment, characterized by globalization, immigration, the entry of women into the workplace, changing social values or new technologies. In order to properly respond to those challenges, it is fundamental that lyntia have a working environment characterized by empathy, trust and mutual respect, and where aspects such as diversity, integration and recognition for individual merit are distinctive features of lyntia’s identity.

Additionally, lyntia encourages and promotes work-life balance as an essential element in strengthening the development of its professionals, principles that are provided for separately in the collective bargaining agreement as well as in other agreements reached with the Workers’ Representatives.


2. Scope of Application 

This document constitutes a general policy and, as such, applies to all of the companies within lyntia Group, where lyntia Networks, S.A.U. is responsible for establishing the terms, instruments and mechanisms necessary to ensure adequate and efficient coordination among the other Group companies.


3. Framework of Action 

lyntia has established a policy framework to promote equality on the basis of the following basic pillars:

Compliance with applicable legislation: it is fundamental for lyntia to manage matters such as the prevention and penalization of discriminatory behavior against women, the design of measures to enable work-life balance and to guarantee the effective presence of women across the Group’s different areas.

Equal opportunities and equity: lyntia guarantees that decisions on and mechanisms related to selection, recruitment, training, personal progress and professional promotion are based on merit: integrity, performance and achievement. Matters such as gender, race, ideology or belief have no bearing or influence on decisions made regarding recruitment, promotion, development of talent or reward for personal merit, among others.

lyntia understands that, in order to achieve this commitment and given the complexity of the issue, it must take special care to ensure effective equality between men and women and ensure the absence of any gender discrimination whatsoever, whether direct or indirect, in the professional development opportunities offered to its employees.

Achieving balance between personal life and work: lyntia wants all of its people to be able to progress in their professional careers without having to renounce their personal or family responsibilities; it is convinced that workers who feel greater fulfilment across all aspects of their life overall will also perform better within lyntia.

lyntia therefore wishes to offer its employees a balance, so that they are able to invest in and nurture other responsibilities and interests that allow them to achieve satisfaction in their personal and professional lives, all within a professional environment that is increasingly competitive and demanding.

Extending equality principles across the entire value chain: lyntia’s service providers and contractors are essential to lyntia achieving its business targets. Equally, lyntia understands that it is crucial to encourage efficient and comprehensive collaborations aimed at building long-term relationships based on trust.

On that same basis, lyntia is aware of the importance of involving its service providers and contractors in the adoption of its ethical commitments and, as such, it will promote the adoption of its values and principles on the matter of equality across its entire value chain. With the aim of encouraging and promoting good service also from a social standpoint, lyntia will, when advisable in the circumstances and observing freedom of management principles, transfer those commitments to procurement tenders and the award of contracts of all kinds with the aim of acknowledging the work performed by companies that promote equality and integrity within their organizations.


4. Other Considerations 

lyntia is conscious of the challenges faced and opportunities generated in organizations in the telecommunications sector by upholding equal opportunities and diversity. It is equally conscious of the dilemmas faced when attempting to manage those challenges.

lyntia will, when adopting any measures developed to improve the management of these aspects, take into account all risks and areas for improvement to avoid including elements that could distort or even be counterproductive for the ends sought. The aim of lyntia is to guarantee equal rights, over and above adopting specific measures.

lyntia has as one of its primary commitments to successfully integrate the promotion of equality within lyntia’s human resources policy guidelines. The priority will be to encourage the creation of a cultural environment that becomes a sign of its corporate identity, identifying it as being an excellent place to work.


5. Reporting Channels 

lyntia has a Harassment Protocol – linked to its Code of Ethics – which provides access to a formal, and another informal, reporting channel through which the Group’s employees are able to anonymously seek guidance and/or report any issues in relation to this Policy.

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