Equality, diversity and inclusion policy


1. Introduction

lyntia is committed to equality, diversity, and inclusion. We believe these values to be fundamental to creating a work environment in which all employees feel valued and respected, regardless of their differences. lyntia believes it essential to have a work environment where empathy, trust, and mutual respect are preeminent and where diversity, integration, and recognition of personal merit are hallmarks of the company’s identity.


lyntia also promotes work-life balance as a further essential feature to enhance the all-round growth of its employees. These principles are addressed separately both in the Collective Bargaining Agreement and in other agreements reached with Employee Representatives.


2. Scope of Application 

This document sets out an overarching policy applicable for all the companies in the lyntia Group, with lyntia Networks, S.A.U. In charge of devising the bases, instruments, and mechanisms necessary for proper and efficient coordination with the other Group companies.


3. Framework of Action 

The following basic pillars are the building blocks lyntia uses in promoting equality:

    • Compliance with applicable legislation

lyntia considers it essential to prevent and punish discrimination directed against women and to design measures to ensure work-life balance and the effective presence of women in all the different areas of the Group.


    • Equal opportunities and fairness

lyntia is committed to ensuring equal opportunities and fairness in all recruitment, hiring, training, development, and career advancement processes. Gender, race, ideology, religion, and like characteristics must not influence the decisions taken in this realm.


lyntia understands that in order to fulfil this commitment, it must pay particular attention to actual equality between men and women and ensure that the career advancement opportunities it offers its employees are entirely devoid of direct or indirect discrimination on the basis of gender.


    • Work-life balance

lyntia knows that fostering a work-life balance for its employees has a positive impact on performance, and it is committed to that goal.


In this way, lyntia aims to provide all its employees with a balance that enables them to continue to pursue and nurture other responsibilities and interests to achieve fully satisfactory personal and professional lives.


    • Spreading the principles of equality through the entire value chain

lyntia views its providers and contractors as indispensable partners in attaining its business objectives. In this respect, lyntia is aware of the importance of bringing its entire value chain to bear in disseminating its ethical commitments. To promote the social component of good service, when circumstances warrant lyntia will, while respecting freedom of management, endeavour to include these commitments in its procurement processes and in awarding contracts of all kinds in an attempt to recognise efforts by companies to promote equality and inclusion within their organisations.


4. Other Aspects

lyntia understands the challenges and opportunities issues like equality of opportunity and diversity can pose for organisations in the telecommunications sector. It is also aware of the stumbling-blocks that can be encountered when trying to manage these new challenges.


When considering measures aimed at making progress in this area, lyntia will take into account the risks and the areas in need of improvement so as not to bring in factors that could distort or even undermine the objectives pursued. lyntia’s priority is to guarantee equal rights over and above any measure in particular.


lyntia is firmly committed to a future in which greater equality is successfully integrated into its human resources policies. Its priority will be to foster a corporate culture that identifies lyntia as an unparalleled place to work.


5. Reporting and Whistleblowing Channels 

lyntia has a system with a reporting channel that allows employees of the Group or affected persons anonymously to submit enquiries or report any issues relating to this Policy using the form posted on lyntia’s website or the [email protected] email address.


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