We are lyntia



lyntia will maximise the benefits that technology facilitates to link countries, unite cities, connect businesses, and bring people closer together.



lyntia will create the networks that will connect today with tomorrow, empowering, facilitating, and protecting the communications of businesses.




lyntia works to offer a 100% secure network



lyntia is focused on the needs of its clients and on establishing a long-term relationship with them



lyntia is a company that is passionate about the possibilities offered by the future



lyntia makes things easy



Making a company’s communications simple for everyone is only possible if you have the right professionals.

Which is why we rely on a highly proficient and skilled workforce at lyntia, comprised of talented individuals who are committed and, above all, passionate about continuing to grow, innovate and create a better future for telecommunications every day.


lyntia in Spain

lyntia has more than 100 professionals in Spain to cover the different areas of the business. Contact us and we will give you a quick answer to all your needs.

 Phone: +34 915 50 77 00
 Address: Torrespacio, Paseo de la Castellana, 259D – 28046 Madrid  
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