We are lyntia


To provide connectivity solutions that unite society, creating a better world.


To establish ourselves as a trusted partner in the telecom and cloud world, guaranteeing infrastructure solutions in Southern Europe.



  • Trustworthy: Every connection we establish is a solid bridge to the future.
  • Efficient: In a constantly shifting world, efficiency is key.
  • Sustainable: Our commitment to a better world extends beyond instant connections.
  • Differential: Innovation is our compass to the future.




Dedication to our clients, placing them at the centre; this has been and will remain the key ingredient of our culture.



Only by doing things together will we achieve our goals. Through teamwork and flexibility, we’ll reach the finish line sooner and better.



Improving processes and organisation to make them simpler, more agile, and efficient.



Passion pushes us forward and fills us with hope and enthusiasm.


lyntia in Spain

lyntia has more than 100 professionals in Spain to cover the different areas of the business. Contact us and we will give you a quick answer to all your needs.

 Phone: +34 915 50 77 00
 Address: Avenida de Bruselas 24, Planta 1, 28108 Alcobendas
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