Among other purposes, cookies allow us to remember your preferences and recognise you in your subsequent visits. This is achieved by storing certain information on your computer.


1. What are local data storage, cookies and similar technology?

Local data storage means saving different types of data on your device through the web browser. Locally stored data can refer to how to browse our website, what web browser is used, user settings, etc. Cookies are one method of local data storage. Cookies are small text files that are sent and stored on the user’s computer, mobile phone, tablet or other on-line access device, which allow us to recognise your web browser. In addition, they allow information relative to the user’s browsing to be obtained and can be used to recognise the user. All of them perform the same function; to provide information about the user’s browsing, and can be used to determine which advertisements should be displayed in their web browser.

In this policy we will refer to all these techniques jointly as: “local data storage”.


2. Why do we use local data storage?

The website uses local data storage, as occurs with Cookies, for the following purposes:

To customise the user’s browsing: To customise services in the user’s browser. For example, to remember the country from which the user accesses, the language, the Internet speed.

To improve our services and the user experience: For example, how often the website has been visited or the traffic that there is on the different pages.

To display advertising: How many times the user has seen an advert, for example. These data are not directly identifiable.


3. What types of Cookies do we use?

Cookies on the website change frequently. The Policy will therefore be updated to keep you informed.

We currently use session cookies and persistent or permanent cookies that, in turn, may be our own or third party cookies.

• Session Cookies are designed to collect and store data while the user accesses the website. They are generally used to store information that is only stored in order to provide the service requested by the user on a single occasion.

• Persistent cookies are types of cookies in which the data remain stored on the terminal and can be accessed and processed for a period defined by the person responsible for the cookie and that may range from a few minutes to several years.

• Own cookies are those that are sent to the user’s terminal, created or managed by the website administrator. The website, uses its own persistent cookies of the following type and purpose:

• Personalization cookies allow the user to access the service with some general characteristics predefined on their terminal or that can be self-defined by the user. In this case, their purpose is to allow and store the user’s browsing language.

• Third-party cookies are those managed by third-party analytics service providers.


4. What types of Cookies do we use?

The website uses Cookies for the aforementioned purposes.

5. How can I manage local data storage?

We recommend you consult the ‘help menu’ of your browser to find out the different options on how to manage Cookies. There are also special programs that have been created precisely to manage Cookies.

Below we include links to manage Cookies in the most relevant browsers. Keep in mind that the explanations given in the links may be outdated:

Internet Explorer

Google Chrome:



Opera 19:

The user must bear in mind that some Cookies are necessary for the correct performance of certain features of the website If you decide to block certain Cookies, it may affect all or part of the ordinary operation of the website.


6. Updates and changes in the Cookies Policy.

Our website may modify this Cookies Policy based on new legislative or regulatory requirements or to adapt this policy to the instructions issued by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD).

Any significant changes that affect the Cookies Policy will be communicated according to legal provisions. In addition, an informative notice will be posted on the website.


7. Contact information.

If you require further information about the use of Cookies you can send an email to [email protected].

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