Our certifications

MEF and T-Systems certifications guarantee the development and implementation of network services in a way that is agile, safe and organised for the digital economy in an increasingly connected world.

MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) Certifications

MEF certification is the primary benchmark for the standardisation of Ethernet services, the main technology used today in network installations worldwide.

MEF is an industry association with over 210 members and the driving force behind speedy, safe and orchestrated communication services that offer users dynamic performance and the security required to prosper in the digital economy.

MEF Member

MEF offers a wide range of marketing, certification and commercial development capacities that provide MEF member companies of all sizes and in all corners of the world with real opportunities to create unique, powerful and highly profitable client profiles.

MEF 2.0 certification

Enables communication service and technology providers to validate that their solutions comply with the highest industry standards for performance, assurance, and fast delivery.

Certification also facilitates the creation of federated networks by streamlining inter-provider interconnection with a common understanding of highly-defined service attributes and orchestration processes.

MEF Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional (MEF-CECP):

Identifies the industry’s leading Carrier Ethernet professionals by validating knowledge, skills, and abilities in service specifications and definitions.

MEF 3.0

MEF 3.0 Carrier Ethernet

Validates lyntia as a market-leading service provider. Our solutions meet the rigorous specifications set by the industry’s defining authority for standardised network-based services.


T-Systems is the Deutsche Telekom unit specialising in corporate clients. With the backing of a global network and data centre infrastructure, T-Systems is dedicated to managing information and communications technology (ICT) systems and offering services to public bodies and multinationals such as lyntia.

Zero Outage: outstanding quality

lyntia holds the TÜV Zero Outage quality certificate from T-Systems. Zero Outage is a programme that has been committed to ensuring the highest quality standards since 2011, monitored by 600 agents and 21,000 certified professionals worldwide.

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ISO 27001

International standard that ensures the confidentiality, data integrity and availability of information, as well as the systems that process it. All this with the objective of minimizing information security risks.

iso 9001

ISO 9001

The ISO is an international standard setting out the criteria for an effective quality management system: it improves operational quality and efficiency, customer satisfaction and access to new markets.

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Carbon footprint:

lyntia Networks has calculated and registered the carbon footprint of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge since 2019, following the GHG Protocol.



The information systems that support the Connect service, with lyntia’s Ethernet, IP and internet modalities, are audited as HIGH according to the National Security Scheme categories.

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lyntia in Spain

lyntia has more than 200 professionals in Spain to cover the different areas of the business. Contact us and we will give you a quick answer to all your needs.

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