Welcome to lyntia


lyntia resulted from the merger of two companies: Ufinet and Desarrollo del Cable, created in 1998 by Unión Fenosa and Gas Natural.

Currently, lyntia is a neutral operator providing dark fibre and circuit hire  wholesale services to operators and utility companies in the Spanish telecom sector.

lyntia has more than 100 professionals in its offices in Madrid and A Coruña.

What makes us unique?


Neutrality: lyntia is a neutral carrier of carriers for local and international operators, making us a partner you can totally rely on. 

Customer-centric: lyntia offers agile and rapid response times to any request, giving you a one-stop shop option for all of your needs

Reliability: lyntia offers you the highest quality, guaranteed, with spectacular coverage thanks to our own next-generation fibre optic network.

Our goals


As a neutral operator, lyntia’s goals are:

• To stimulate the market, promote competition and help operators tackle the challenges of optimising their investments.


To maximise the benefits offered by technology to link countries, unite cities, connect businesses and bring people closer together



To create the networks that will connect today with tomorrow, empowering, facilitating and protecting the communications of businesses



Reliability, Commitment, Passion and Simplicity



MEF Member



CE2 MEF Certified



MEF CECP Carrier ethernet certified professional






lyntia in Spain

lyntia has more than 100 professionals in Spain to cover the different areas of the business. Contact us and we will give you a quick answer to all your needs.

 Phone: +34 915 50 77 00
 Address: Torrespacio, Paseo de la Castellana, 259D – 28046 Madrid