Satellite Internet as a driver of economic transformation in Spain

The digital divide has been – and continues to be – an ongoing concern for those in charge of Spain’s economic development. And the same is true for its European partners. Nevertheless, the geographic, orographic and demographic features of Spain give the matter some particular characteristics and urgency in the country. And the current situation represents an enormous opportunity to make progress.


The combination of fibre optic technology and satellite Internet developed by operators like lyntia is bringing the full coverage lingering on the horizon that little bit closer. Despite all this, it’s still possible to get even more out of unlimited satellite Internet, as a complement and a catalyst to Spain’s wider economic development.


Satellite Internet, a key component of economic development

Satellite Internet has a leading role to play in boosting the country’s economy and closing the technological gap once and for all. The post-pandemic reality has highlighted the need to address this strategy without delay.


Jordi Hereu, CEO of Hispasat, recently stated this publicly in the media, explaining “any investment in the satellite industry is a contribution to growth, job creation, innovation and competition within industry”.


This is particularly crucial in countries like Spain, with their particular characteristics. According to Mr Hereu, “it’s the most mountainous country in Europe after Switzerland”. The goal must be to ensure high-quality Internet and accelerating the development of 5G will require a combination of technologies, from fibre optic to use of satellites.


Overcoming ‘hollowed-out Spain’ with satellite Internet

With the COVID-19 pandemic, technology has seen a significant boost, and its usage has become even more widespread, where possible. However, when it comes to accessing and using this kind of technology, not everyone is on a level playing field. There are still technology gaps that need to be stitched together. Particularly in certain parts of rural Spain and in hard-to-reach areas, where the technology can be even more vital to economic development.


Hispasat’s CEO confirms that “it’s vital we’re not left with a ‘hollowed-out Spain’ when it comes to the Internet of people and of things. When it comes to closing these gaps, we shouldn’t just be thinking about correcting inequalities, but also about the genuine transformation of our rural world, creating conditions that give our fellow citizens real opportunities for development”. In this sense, satellite Internet can be a top-level strategic support for development already taking place with the implementation of 5G mobile technology.


Strategic partnerships to offer unlimited satellite Internet

Thanks to its relationship with Hispasat, lyntia is able to offer its customers optimisation, design, configuration and prioritisation according to applications and services based on the use of data, voice and video traffic protocols. lyntia’s satellite network helps complement fibre coverage through different satellite platforms and roaming agreements with third parties.


Customisation of available satellite solutions is one of the central pillars allowing lyntia’s customers to provide Internet coverage to places that are simply inaccessible by other means.  lyntia offers unicast and multicast solutions, terminals with 10BaseT and Serial Ethernet ports, as well as its own Hughes and Viasat terrestrial platforms.


Although it’s an alternative only appropriate for certain cases, lyntia’s collaboration with Hispasat makes developing satellite Internet to break down the digital divide for people living in those parts of the country – one of the objectives of Spain’s Economic Recovery and Transformation Plan – much easier and synonymous with survival and development.

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