Capacity Europe 2021, the biggest connectivity event in Europe

It’s vitally important for our 21st century global society that innovation, technology and connectivity are areas of strategic focus, both for companies, and the wider public sector. That’s why events like Capacity Europe, which took place 18–21 October 2021, are so essential. This year’s edition, marking the conference’s twenty-first anniversary, was even more important given recent events around the pandemic, which only served to underscore the importance of our telecommunications networks, helping the world keep turning without our economies collapsing.


The conference, a key meeting and analysis point for the sector, took place for the first time in a hybrid model, offering face-to-face events in London alongside remote connectivity, which further increased the event’s potential reach. At Capacity Europe neutral operators, telecommunications companies, data centres, service providers and satellite operators, among other stakeholders in the communications sector, came together to analyse the current landscape and health of the market, meet with potential customers and investors, and assess the challenges looking to the future.



A hotspot for global connectivity

The event in London, which included remote sessions for the first time in the conference’s history, was the nerve centre for the European telecommunications sector for four consecutive days.


It was a unique and focussed opportunity to build new relationships while strengthening old ones, to network, close deals and explore new opportunities, to analyse and learn, all while assessing future challenges and offering new opportunities to potential partners and investors alike.


For lyntia, it was an opportunity to speak to our customers and partners, and to meet with those interested in our work, making the most of the unbeatable opportunity Capacity Europe offers stakeholders in the world of connectivity.


This year’s instalment was one of the most well attended, with more than 2,500 representatives from almost 700 companies operating in the telecommunications sector from more than 90 countries around the world. The event showed that the market isn’t just still eager to grow, but also to improve and contribute to a better future. And that the world of connectivity is still the place to be when it comes to experiencing the cutting edge of technological developments.



Celebration and recognition at the Global Carrier Awards

The Global Carrier Awards served as the perfect finishing touch to the biggest meeting of connectivity professionals on the continent. The awards — covering 35 different categories — recognised the achievements of lots of the companies present at Capacity Europe across a variety of fields. In the innovation category, to name just a few examples, GoldConnect took home the prize for disruptive work in wholesale sales, China Telecom Global was recognised for the best IoT project, and the best anti-fraud innovation went to Vox Carrier.


This year’s conference also recognised the sheer flexibility and adaptability that has been needed in recent months to overcome the COVID-19 crisis. This was crystallised in the Global Carrier Award for Best Business Transformation in a Post-Pandemic World, which was picked up by Gold Data.


The connectivity market and telecommunications sector triumphed in 2020 amidst a climate of real uncertainty, typical of the global context brought on by the pandemic. At this latest hybrid event in London, attendees were able to share their experiences, but also look to the future with hope, new ideas and fresh business opportunities. At next year’s event, these green shoots will be strengthened and, once again, new milestones marking the future path of the global connectivity market will be set out.