Environmental, social and governance policy
(ESG Policy)

1. Introduction and objectives 

We believe that technology enables to link countries, unite cities, connect business and bring people closer together. Thus, our vision is to create the networks that will connect today with tomorrow, empowering, facilitating, and protecting the communications of businesses. We do that through fiber-optic networks, satellites and co-location across Spain.

Through this ESG Policy, we define the principles and actions of our commitment to responsible and ethical business.


2. Our principles

The principles herein underpin our actions. We must continue to embed the principles of integrity, neutrality, risk management and accountability in all we do. We share the responsibility to build a secure and fair digital environment to enable society to develop and meet its needs.



Integrity is essential for our business success. All employees, directors and third parties interested to work with lyntia are requested to accept and follow our Code of Conduct.



lyntia is a neutral carrier for operators and utilities. We believe in net neutrality to build a connected business and bring people closer. This avoids conflict of interest and facilitates good governance.


Risk management & Accountability

Being proactive and accountable for our actions is our way to show responsibility.


3. Our actions and commitment

We have defined our material issues to identify and prioritize those aspects most relevant to our organization. The relevance has been defined according to both external and internal sources. From this assessment, we have been able to detect the most important initiatives with a significant impact on our value chain.  Moreover, we are committed to reviewing our materiality matrix to reflect our stakeholders and society´s dynamism.


Governance & Ethics

Data privacy, good governance and net neutrality are the most relevant aspects in this category for our stakeholders. We commit and work to:

  • Supervise relevant ESG issues and indicators through an ESG Committee created for this purpose reporting directly to the board of directors.
  • Respect privacy and implement measures to ensure the security of personal data. We have in place a privacy policy to ensure that we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Build a robustcybersecurity program.
  • Comply with Net Neutrality principles.


Society and communities

Our business activities allow us to connect businesses and bring people closer together. We have a responsibility in how we connect digitally the society through fiber-optic. We commit and work to:

  • Respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs), and the Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work adopted by the International Labor Organization.
  • Participate in social projects that help the digital world & technology to reach everyone.



Our people are the leverage to make a positive impact and create value as a committed organization. We commit and work to:

  • Promote diversity, equality and integration to create value for all the organization.
  • Actively help employees to continue their professional development within the organization through different programs and training.
  • Promote measures in favor of conciliating family and work life.
  • Promote measures to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of the people we are working with.



We are aware that we are dependent on resources to run our business activities. As part of society, we commit to actively work to try to make efficient use of them while. We commit and work to:

  • Track our impact on climate change and develop measures to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Monitor energy consumption and increase energy efficiency in our activities.


Supply Chain

Our supply chain is key to maintain and develop our services. We commit and work to:

  • Integrate within our supply chain relevant ESG criteria.


4. Control, monitoring and communication. 

We hold the determination to comply with this voluntary commitment and thus we have mechanisms to ensure that our business activities are aligned with it.

The ESG Committee reports to the board of directors all relevant ESG KPIs to ensure that ESG actions are implemented.

The compliance with our Code of Conduct is supervised and monitored by theCrime Prevention Officer, who directly reports to the board of directors.