lyntia receives ABC Health recognition for its fight against coronavirus through the creation of the OxyVita respirator

At the height of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the business sector turned to providing the health system with life-saving support resources. In March, one of the major shortages was the lack of ventilators for intensive care units.


lyntia has participated in the funding that has enabled the production of the OxyVita ventilator, a low-cost device developed in Spain by Plataforma Ennomotive, the Vinthas Foundation and McFly Technologies. The objective of this project was to enable the respirator to be acquired by the public administrations of countries that need it, after having passed all health controls and meeting quality standards.


This nonprofit initiative has received the ABC Health Award in the Health Technology section, an award that “recognizes that the work of institutions, professionals and companies in the health world has changed this year with the coronavirus, rewarding those projects that have helped save lives and improve the quality of life of COVID patients.


A functional respirator at an affordable price


The OxyVita ventilator works through pressure control with volume measurement and was designed by Frede Jensen, a British engineer with over 30 years of experience in medical device development. The initial objective of the production, once the safety of the device had been validated, was to ensure sufficient stock for Spanish hospitals.


Due to its reduced price and size, its compact design and easy maintenance, OxyVita was available to all those countries that have gone through an emergency situation, field hospitals in countries with weaker economies and armies anywhere in the world at a price of about 1,000 euros, which is much more accessible than other similar high-end technological devices with costs close to 20,000 euros. In places like Peru or Ecuador they are still helping to save lives.


lyntia reasserts its commitment to technological innovation


The objective of lyntia is to guarantee its customers a 100% secure networking infrastructure. To do so, it has always been committed to a firm and ongoing process of digital transformation of the corporate world to facilitate this journey. However, it cannot ignore its social responsibility, applying its knowledge and resources when it comes to making this technology a valuable tool that improves people’s lives, as well as that of companies. In the face of the challenges presented by an uncertain economic and social future, that commitment must be equally firm and incremental.


The award granted to lyntia and the other companies and entities involved in the development of OxyVita ­–the Francisco de Vitoria University, the Catholic University of Valencia, Medical Simulator, the ICAI Engineers Foundation for development, Capital Energy, Help in Action or the Gómez Ulla Central Defense Hospital– is a reaffirmation of that strategy.

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